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Episode 08: Leveraging a Competitive Pricing Strategy
Competition-based pricing is a natural first step for retailers looking to optimize their pricing. Our Regional Director of APAC walks through the ways competitive pricing can improve your business performance, and how to build a strong and agile competition-based pricing strategy.
Episode 07: Making Profitable Pricing Decisions Using Price Elasticity
When calculated with precision, price elasticity is a useful driver of predictive and profitable pricing moves. Learn two scalable pricing strategies using elasticity to increase margins across product categories, store areas and more.
Episode 06: The Role Price Optimization Plays in Pricing Waterfalls
Pricing waterfalls provide a clearer view into the costs and components affecting margins. Our Senior Product Manager walks you through the four steps to using pricing waterfalls as an important tool on your price optimization journey.
Episode 05: Navigating Post COVID using Advanced Analytics
On this episode, our Director of Global Science Services takes us through the top 4 considerations every retailer must navigate as the economy opens back up in the wake of COVID-19. Here’s how Advanced Analytics can help you restructure for new consumer trends, excess stock, an effective channel strategy and more.
Episode 04: Pricing Fluent Organizations
Pricing fluency allows companies to optimize revenue, adjust for disruptions, adapt to competitor price changes, and more. Listen in as our Managing Director of Global Strategic Consulting discusses the four key areas of focus when developing as a pricing fluent organization: strategy, people, process, and technology.
Episode 03: Perception is Reality: Establishing Price Perception 2020
Three questions you can ask to determine what your pricing perception is, and whether or not you are making decisions based on the right perception. Revionics’ Managing Director of Global Strategic Consulting also covers why pricing perception is important to your competitive strategy.
Episode 02: Guide to Creating a Powerful Pricing Strategy
Explore 5 best practices for building a centralized pricing strategy to find success in today’s challenging retail environment. Take your pricing from separate tactics to an integrated strategy with insights from our Managing Director of Global Strategic Consulting.
Episode 01: What is Product Cannibalization?
We’re starting off our Price IQ series with a look at product cannibalization in the retail buyers journey. Learn what factors influence cannibalization, how to measure it, and how to use cannibalization to influence shopper behavior.

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